James M. Graziosi

James Graziosi advises individual and corporate clients on business formation, operations, and transactions, and the design and implementation of wealth succession strategies. In his corporate and business law practice, James assists businesses of varying sizes and across a broad spectrum of industries, and has a particular interest in issues affecting entrepreneurs. James is passionate about helping business owners realize and grow their dreams. In law school, he pursued a specific Business & Entrepreneurship Law concentration, graduating with honors, and in practice, he guides startups and other businesses through the practical and legal challenges of forming a business entity, purchasing or leasing premises, hiring and training employees, maintaining corporate and regulatory compliance, and the myriad of other issues that arise in the life of a business. Ultimately, James aims to be a trusted advisor to his clients, and establish relationships that will last and grow with his clients’ success.

James’ genuine appreciation for the personal goals and real world concerns of his clients extends to his estate planning practice. He helps individuals, families, and business owners plan for and protect their assets through thoughtful identification of their unique goals and careful wealth and tax planning. With his knowledge of both business and estate law issues, James is especially adept at providing comprehensive personal and business succession strategies to prepare for the planned or unexpected exit of a principal. He also guides families and businesses after the death of a loved one or principal, whether in the administration of the deceased’s estate or in navigating the legal and practical issues that arise for a business.

James brings a determination and competitive edge to his legal practice borne out of his lifelong passion for sports. Whether strategizing over plays by the Eagles or a business reorganization for his client, James is always out for the win.