Dan Brier has been invited into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers


Dan Brier has been invited into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Academy membership in the United States is limited to 500 Fellows under the age of 70.  Trial Attorneys are admitted to Fellowship in the Academy upon a showing that they possess the following qualifications to an exceptional degree: (a) superior skill in trial and appellate practice; (b) dedication to promoting the best interests of the legal profession and the highest standards and techniques of advocacy; and (c) excellent character and absolute integrity.  No one may apply for Fellowship, it can only come through induction based on a recommendation and a careful review by the Admissions Committee.

Myers, Brier and Kelly LLP.

Partner Ms. Walsh has developed a principal focus on employment and commercial litigation matters, including employment agreements; severance agreements; non-compete agreements; protection of trade secrets; counseling on workplace and employee issues; administrative proceedings before the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; whistleblower claims; litigation of civil rights, discrimination, harassment and employment-related […]

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