MBK Law Helps Iraq Vet With PTSD Receive $3.1 Million From US Government


April 19, 2014 — Over a year after original verdict, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has cleared the release of $3.1 million of the original award. Previously, following a week-long trial in United States District Court, Judge James Munley awarded Iraq veteran Stanley Laskowski an award of $3.7 million in his suit against the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Jack Dempsey and Dan Brier established that the VA failed to properly treat their client’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

News Coverage:

Scranton Times-Tribune: Vet with PTSD to receive $3.1 million from government (4/19/14)

National Catholic Reporter: A national precedent for a disgrace in treating our veterans with PTSD (1/23/2013)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania veteran awarded $3.7 M in suit against VA (1/21/2013)

The Times Leader: Iraqi war vet awarded $3.7 million in PTSD case (1/16/2013)

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