In a much anticipated ruling, specially-appointed Judge Daniel Howsare granted the Petition to compel access to Freeh Report source materials filed by seven Alumni-Elected Trustees of the Pennsylvania State University.  MBK filed the Petition on behalf of the Alumni-Elected Trustees after Penn State refused to permit the Trustees access to the complete source materials.  Penn […]


On September 21, 2015, MBK Partner Patrick A. Casey entered his appearance in the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas on behalf of State Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown.  Representative Brown has entered a not guilty plea, and the matter is scheduled for a December trial.   News coverage: TribLive September 21, 2015    


Freedom Magazine recently published an article focusing on veterans suffering from “Post‐Traumatic Stress Disorder”. “Veterans are often prescribed potentially lethal psychiatric drugs that are disproportionately associated with violence and suicide. Such prescriptions outstrip those for the civilian population fiftyfold and are thought to be linked to the harsh reality that one service member commits suicide every […]


MBK successfully secured the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by an elevator maintenance company.  In Schindler Elevator v. Lackawanna County, NO: 12-CV-2325, the Court granted MBK’s motion for summary judgment and dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice.  The Court rejected the elevator company’s argument that Lackawanna County ratified a maintenance service agreement by continuing to pay […]


  On behalf of their clients, seven Trustees elected by the Penn State Alumni, MBK filed a comprehensive response to Penn State’s continued refusal to permit them to inspect the source material used to create the Freeh Report.  In the June 22, 2015 filing in the Centre County Court of Common Pleas, the Petitioner Trustees […]


In a case of first impression in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, the Court of Common Pleas ruled that tenants cannot be held contractually liable under a lease agreement for damages done to a leased premise as a result of the criminal conduct of unidentified unknown third parties.  In Waltman v. Brace, NO: 12579 of 2014 (C.P. […]


Future Medical Damages Under the Affordable Care Act Scranton, PA – Frank Brier, health law partner at Myers Brier & Kelly, LLP, recently delivered a continuing legal education analysis on the Affordable Care Act and its application to future medical damages/life care plans in personal injury litigation. “The ‘guaranteed issue’ and ‘individual mandate’ provisions of […]


Scranton, PA — Robert T. Kelly, Jr., a founding partner at Myers Brier & Kelly, LLP in Scranton, recently spoke at the 51st Annual Washington Nonprofit Legal & Tax Conference. Bob and his co-panelist, Christopher Sia of the Manhattan-based Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, analyzed the Expenditure Responsibility rules applicable to grants made by Private Foundation […]


In a precedential opinion, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that a primary care physician was barred by a restrictive covenant from competing with his former medical practice by working as a hospitalist at a regional hospital. Geisinger Clinic v. Mark M. Radziewicz, D.O., NO: 505 MDA 2014 (Pa. Super. Apr. 24, 2015). The Superior Court […]