Business Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory Services Practice focuses on helping businesses grow and prosper. In many cases, we form a close working relationship with entrepreneurs at the early conceptual stage: helping to make the leap from employed to self employed; selecting the right states in which to operate the business; selecting the best type of operating entities (for example, a corporation, partnership, trust or LLC); and creating an effective and flexible governance structure. We assist our clients in identifying financing sources and in designing the optimal capital structure for their business. We provide guidance on all other mission-critical issues, such as designing sensible employment practices (developing personnel policies, hiring and firing) and structuring effective executive compensation structures. We also bring a depth and breadth of experience in handling complex business transactions, such as the acquisition and disposition of real estate and business operations, multi-generation family ownership transitions, restructuring troubled debt facilities, recapitalizing equity structures, and expanding business operations on a multi-state basis. We have been advising successful businesses – large and small – for more than 20 years. It is what we do on a day-to-day basis, and it is something that we do very well.

We are committed to providing competent, diligent business and legal advice on a timely basis. We pride ourselves on establishing a relationship with our clients in the start-up stages of the business and continuing that relationship throughout the life of the business.