Complex Commercial Litigation

Myers, Brier & Kelly, LLP represents public and private entities in lawsuits throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania. These representations involve a full range of complex disputes that businesses confront including the dissolution of entities and the issues relating to control and valuation. We endeavor from the outset of all engagements, to make it our business to know your company, your industry, and the legal and market trends affecting it. We routinely organize teams of public accountants, business appraisal firms and forensic experts to identify relevant issues and to define the desired outcome. We also understand the impact litigation can have on your company’s daily operations. We recognize that these disputes can compromise your ability to compete in the marketplace and cause damage to your reputation and business.

The lawyers at MBK serve as advisors and negotiators to help you manage risk to avoid litigation when possible. Should litigation be unavoidable, our willingness to take a case to trial, as well as our abilities in court, serve as a strategic advantage in settlement proceedings. We have successfully litigated commercial disputes in state and federal courts, and we are proud to have assisted our clients in preserving the reputation and good will that they have developed through years of hard work and substantial financial investment.