As President and CEO of Independence Blue Cross, with over 8.5 million customers in 24 states, I have the privilege to work closely with great lawyers and law firms in complex matters.

The sophisticated representation provided by MBK compares favorably with the “best of the best law firms.”

Daniel J. Hilferty

President and CEO, Independence Blue Cross

The Law Firm of Myers, Brier & Kelly, and in particular Attorneys Pat Casey and Dan Brier, have represented us in connection with some of the most important matters in our Company’s entire history and, in every single instance, they did a superb job for us. MBK, and their entire team, represented our interests professionally and vigorously in a number of very complex and sophisticated matters and their hard work, dedication and brilliant legal thinking was always evident. They were always well-prepared, creative and strategic with their solutions and consistently outworked everyone else on the other side. They are always extremely responsive, professional, incredibly smart and have the depth and in-house specialization and skill to cross over a number of disciplines of the law. As a result, we find ourselves continually seeking their judgement, guidance and counsel. MBK has the intelligence, professionalism and ability to compare favorably with any of the largest and most prestigious law firms anywhere, including those in New York and Philadelphia, and, fortunately for us, they are located right here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Throughout over 30 years in the commercial real estate business, we have dealt with many lawyers and many law firms across the entire country, including many of the most high-powered, nationally- recognized law firms. We would match MBK with any one of them and at a much better value!

Rob Mericle, President and Lew Sebia, COO & General Counsel

“When I was at the lowest point in my life, after nearly 40 years of elected public service including years as a leader in the Pennsylvania Senate, I was told that I needed to hire Dan Brier. I had never worked with Dan when I served in the Senate. Now, I sorely wish that I had. He is very bright, and he will not mislead. His compassion and his dedication to perfect preparation are unmatched.

Dan is surrounded by a team of highly skilled and tireless professionals, including Donna Walsh, who is brilliant and passionate, and Pat Casey, who is battle-tested and fearless. As a team, they fight vigorously and confidently when it matters most.

I wish I never had to withstand the intense scrutiny of grand jury investigations, deal with the unrelenting pressure of prosecutors, or appear in court as an accused defendant. When faced with such horrible circumstances, however, there is only choice to make:

Hire the MBK team! I thank God that I did.”

Sen. Bob Mellow

As an alumni-elected member of the Penn State Board of Trustees, I am one of seven Trustees that successfully sued Penn State to obtain access to the source materials upon which the controversial Freeh Report is based. I was initially concerned that Penn State with all of its resources, including the big firm Philadelphia lawyers involved in the case, would have an advantage. After I met the Myers Brier & Kelly team, I never had that concern again. MBK quickly mastered the voluminous records and the complex legal issues. Every time we appeared in the trial and appellate courts, Dan Brier was impeccably prepared and in command of the courtroom. I served in the Pennsylvania Senate for 32 years, including as President Pro Tempore and Republican Floor Leader, and 16 months as Lieutenant Governor. I have hired and worked with scores of law firms. MBK is one of the most effective law firms I have worked with during my career as a lawyer and as a legislative leader.

Sen. Bob Jubelirer
December 29th, 2016

In the cold winter of January 16th 2014 I was served with a Target Letter by two Federal Agents for Grand Jury Criminal Investigation while seeing patients at my office.

It was an emotionally devastating experience that I would never wish on my worst enemy. Needless to say, I closed my office promptly and went home. Since I have never been involved in any criminal matter, I was not prepared for the emotional aspect especially since much if not everything was at stake; my 27 year professional career, young family, thousands of patients whose lives would be directly affected. Not to talk of other potential legal consequences which included prison.

The kids were off to school and I and my wife decided to contact an attorney we knew in Philadelphia, who handled a few minor cases for us in the past. An appointment was made for the next day. On arrival at the Attorney’s office, he was very forthcoming and honest about the severity and potential consequences of the target letter. He was categorically clear that the attorneys that can handle this case must be well experienced and able to handle federal criminal cases. Furthermore he told us “these are few and far between.” As a physician the notion of “field specialization” was not new to me, but finding the right specialized law firm for federal criminal investigation could be a Herculean task. He decided to do his own research and give us the best heartfelt recommendations possible.

Driving from Philadelphia back to Central Pennsylvania seemed like an eternity. He later called us and gave us several law firms which we started calling one after the other. We came across the law firm of Myers, Brier and Kelly (AKA MBK) through serendipity as they were the last law firm we decided to call after unsatisfactory telephone conversations with a few others.

Two partners of the law firm, Messrs. Frank and Dan Brier agreed to meet us on a late Sunday afternoon. Once we met the Attorneys there was no doubt in our mind that their law firm was the perfect one for us.

We instantly felt their compassion and were impressed by their knowledge. They were able to listen to us and truly understood my situation.

MBK is a multi-partner, multi-specialty law firm based in Scranton Pennsylvania. The partners directly involved in my case were Messrs. Dan Brier, Pat Casey, Frank Brier and Jack Dempsey as well as associate Suzanne Conaboy who is both a registered nurse and lawyer. The paralegals, Mss. Carol Kelleher, Jennifer Krist and Pat Myers, were awesome. These paralegals by themselves have such wealth of legal knowledge that they can easily pass for full attorneys! They all worked together to map and strategize the entire case. They were clear and concise and albeit very difficult they were able to keep me calm so I could focus on my job and rest of my life that did not stop because of my case. They were of exceptional intellect and tremendous drive.

By nature federal criminal Investigations are by no means simple. They are really complex, cumbersome and extremely difficult. The strategic use of other professionals including the private investigator, Mr. John Kravitz, and expert opinions from non-legal professionals is amazing.

The partners and their associates are always available through telephones, and all known forms on communications even at 8 pm on Sunday night!

My testimony could span chapters and pages and will not yet be done; I have reflected on the service that the law firm of MBK provided during my entire legal ordeal. Upon reflection, the demeanor of all the legal professionals involved, their resourcefulness, attention to detail, realism and professionalism allowed me and my family to cope during this very difficult process.

As an individual that can be cynical at times, MBK gets the highest recommendation from me and my family. Coming from me, that is saying quite a lot. Above all they are right here in Central Pennsylvania!

I cannot even begin to explain how thankful we are that we had the law firm of MBK at our side throughout the worst time of our lives.

………………………… Andrew O. Newton Sr. M.D, M.Sc, DABPN.

On behalf of the Newton family: ’Toyin, Andrew Jr, Anthony and Rachel NEWTON. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

When I felt that I was wrongfully terminated from my position as a credit union CEO, I didn’t know where to turn. I called a friend who had worked in the legal field for a recommendation. Without hesitation, she replied, “Call Dan Brier!” I called his office and a meeting was scheduled within the next couple of days. When I arrived for the meeting, Dan was very welcoming and introduced me to Atty. Donna Walsh, who specializes in employment law. They were both very compassionate and supportive, making me feel at ease. They listened intently to me and carefully analyzed two complex agreements: An Employment agreement and an Executive Retirement agreement. I was impressed with their knowledge of the unique credit union industry and their willingness to perform additional research on the complex contracts. Throughout negotiations back and forth with opposing counsel, Dan and Donna were in constant communication with me, returning my phone calls promptly, and guiding me in next steps. In subsequent meetings, Dan and Donna were always prepared and focused, making me feel like my case was the only one they were working on. After five months, my previous employer was willing to settle, knowing that I had an excellent, skilled, and knowledgeable team of attorneys who presented a very persuasive case. The result was a very positive outcome for me that exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend the law firm of Myers, Brier and Kelly. Not only was I pleased with their professionalism and dedication, I gained two good friends in the process.

To all the associates of Myers, Brier and Kelly, law firm: We cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done for us. You have truly saved an innocent life and have given 3 young children the chance to grow up under the watchful eye of their dad. You didn’t treat this case like it was just “a job”, you treated it as saving an innocent life. Thank You!

Gentlemen: I am writing this letter of recommendation to this firm giving them a superior rating. When I first was referred to them by my lead attorney, Mr. Sal Cognetti, he called them the A team, and they have lived up to that name absolutely—straight A’s.

My dealings with the Attorneys at this firm mostly included Dan Brier, Pat Casey, and Donna Walsh. My problems were very complex and took over 4 years of criminal defense relentlessly, to prove my innocence.

Besides these extremely competent attorneys, their staff especially including Carol Kelleher who was a whiz at organizing the myriad documents, and gave a great insight into my problems. And then there was Fran Towers who was always available at the reception desk and was always able and willing to help me with scheduling and other issues.

After 4 years, I felt like family. Dan Brier always acted deliberate, concise, and extremely knowledgeable, relentlessly spearheading the attack, being forthright, and unafraid to back the facts as they were. His ability to convince and negotiate forcefully yet diplomatically was the reason for our great success.

Pat Casey was always there for explanations and to comfort me when the going got rough and I will never forget his compassion mixed with the knowledge of people and how they would react. His force was ever present and his ability to leverage a position was amazing.

Donna Walsh was the researcher and writer of the documents and briefs which highly contributed to the collapse of the prosecution in every instance. She is most, most brilliant and I do believe she has the potential to become a Judge. She knows the law and always applies it righteously.

Because of this team that I speak of, my life was saved. I am a free man. I am thankful to them for being there for me during a time in my life when I felt I was hit by a tsunami but they made me survive, to pick up the pieces and go on with my life.I will be forever grateful for their conscientious, incredible efforts to help me, my wife, my family and my parents.

Myers, Brier & Kelly is a cohesive team of specialists, with complementary skill sets, who exemplify integrity and directness and are never self serving.

With respect to research and details, MBK is exceptional, leaving no stone unturned. They are resourceful, often coming up with different points of view-which broadens our thinking.

When you work with Myers, Brier & Kelly professionally, you develop personal relationships with them. If we contact them out of the blue, they get right back to us, any time of day.

I recall cases against law firms from New York or Philadelphia. They came in thinking their case was a slam dunk, but we were better prepared. Overall, doing business with Myers, Brier & Kelly is truly a pleasure.

We’ve had a successful relationship with Myers, Brier & Kelly since the early 1990s. Whatever the business issue we have, I call MBK, because the the execution of their entire team is first rate.

In a large acquisition, MBK stood toe to toe with a high-end Philadelphia law firm. In another case, they sat across the table from a large national law firm and met the challenge head on.

Why go to Philadelphia or New York when the talent and firepower you need is right here-Myers, Brier & Kelly-the best of the best!

I have had the great opportunity to know this Firm for 18 years, plus. A single source for business development, financial planning, family matters and estate planning, I have always sought out their counsel and direction.

The staff of Myers, Brier & Kelly are always thoroughly prepared. Their outside-the-box thinking inspires complete confidence and trust.

I have always, and I mean ALWAYS, had quick response to my issues-and have always been treated as though I were their only client. What a feeling!!!!

We all know that needing a lawyer may sometimes signal that something is terribly wrong. At that moment in your life, if you are working with Bob or Dan, you will find great relief in the issue at hand. They know their business, understand the pressure you are experiencing and make the process easy.

Myers, Brier & Kelly is the most dedicated group of professionals we’ve met in any business. Brilliant strategists, they truly are the smartest people in the room-always 10 steps ahead of the opposing legal team. For example, they completed depositions months before the opposition did. Myers, Brier & Kelly will be our law firm forever.

To the Team at Myers, Brier & Kelly: On behalf of my whole family and particularly our Mother I would like to thank you for the enormous effort you put into attaining justice for our father, General John D. Lavelle. Dad was an exceptional man; a wonderful husband, a fantastic father, and a man of outstanding dignity and honor. He was our hero in every sense of the word.

For thirty seven years the Lavelle family has carried the truly unbearable burden of knowing Dad was innocent and yet not being able to do anything. Thanks to Pat and his father, General Casey, we finally found the way. Pat has told me of the incredible effort so many people, at the firm, have given towards the decision just made by the Secretary of the Air Force.

We are humbled by your dedication to justice and the support you have given us to finally restore Dad’s good name. The Lavelle family will be forever grateful. You have our sincerest gratitude.

We found ourselves in an impossible situation with nowhere to turn. A family member eventually recommended Pat Casey of Myers Brier & Kelly & that’s when things began to turn around. We met & immediately I knew these people were here to help. We were treated not like clients but like family.

Our case was extremely complex, combining elements of both criminal & civil law. Throughout the entire process we were treated with the utmost dignity & respect, when very few were willing to do the same.

When we got to trial, it was unbelievable. Dan Brier & Jack Dempsey went toe to toe with the U.S. Government; along with their innumerable resources & unlimited power. We were naturally intimidated but Dan & Jack were not. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone fight so hard for justice. The countless hours of hard work & dedication from the entire firm was strikingly evident in every aspect of the case.

In the end, the Court agreed that Marisol & I served the Country with honor, & that we deserved better from the U.S. Government when we came home. Our lives & circumstances are forever changed, & we owe everything to MBK.

Today, when we look back on the time we spent with our attorneys, we don’t think of it as grueling hours of preparation but time spent with members of our family. We are wholeheartedly convinced you will not find better attorneys & better people anywhere.