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In the cold winter of January 16th 2014 I was served with a Target Letter by two Federal Agents for Grand Jury Criminal Investigation while seeing patients at my office. It was an emotionally devastating experience that I would never wish on my worst enemy.

"I cannot even begin to explain how thankful we are that we had the law firm of MBK at our side throughout the worst time of our lives."

—Andrew O. Newton Sr. M.D, M.Sc, DABPN

Needless to say, I closed my office promptly and went home. Since I have never been involved in any criminal matter, I was not prepared for the emotional aspect especially since much if not everything was at stake; my 27 year professional career, young family, thousands of patients whose lives would be directly affected. Not to talk of other potential legal consequences which included prison.

The kids were off to school and I and my wife decided to contact an attorney we knew in Philadelphia, who handled a few minor cases for us in the past. An appointment was made for the next day. On arrival at the Attorney’s office, he was very forthcoming and honest about the severity and potential consequences of the target letter. He was categorically clear that the attorneys that can handle this case must be well experienced and able to handle federal criminal cases. Furthermore he told us “these are few and far between.” As a physician the notion of “field specialization” was not new to me, but finding the right specialized law firm for federal criminal investigation could be a Herculean task. He decided to do his own research and give us the best heartfelt recommendations possible.

Driving from Philadelphia back to Central Pennsylvania seemed like an eternity. He later called us and gave us several law firms which we started calling one after the other. We came across the law firm of Myers, Brier and Kelly (AKA MBK) through serendipity as they were the last law firm we decided to call after unsatisfactory telephone conversations with a few others.

Two partners of the law firm, Messrs. Frank and Dan Brier agreed to meet us on a late Sunday afternoon. Once we met the Attorneys there was no doubt in our mind that their law firm was the perfect one for us.

We instantly felt their compassion and were impressed by their knowledge. They were able to listen to us and truly understood my situation.

MBK is a multi-partner, multi-specialty law firm based in Scranton Pennsylvania. The partners directly involved in my case were Messrs. Dan Brier, Pat Casey, Frank Brier and Jack Dempsey as well as associate Suzanne Conaboy who is both a registered nurse and lawyer. The paralegals, Mss. Carol Kelleher, Jennifer Krist and Pat Myers, were awesome. These paralegals by themselves have such wealth of legal knowledge that they can easily pass for full attorneys! They all worked together to map and strategize the entire case. They were clear and concise and albeit very difficult they were able to keep me calm so I could focus on my job and rest of my life that did not stop because of my case. They were of exceptional intellect and tremendous drive.

By nature federal criminal Investigations are by no means simple. They are really complex, cumbersome and extremely difficult. The strategic use of other professionals including the private investigator, Mr. John Kravitz, and expert opinions from non-legal professionals is amazing.

The partners and their associates are always available through telephones, and all known forms on communications even at 8 pm on Sunday night!

My testimony could span chapters and pages and will not yet be done; I have reflected on the service that the law firm of MBK provided during my entire legal ordeal. Upon reflection, the demeanor of all the legal professionals involved, their resourcefulness, attention to detail, realism and professionalism allowed me and my family to cope during this very difficult process.

As an individual that can be cynical at times, MBK gets the highest recommendation from me and my family. Coming from me, that is saying quite a lot. Above all they are right here in Central Pennsylvania!

I cannot even begin to explain how thankful we are that we had the law firm of MBK at our side throughout the worst time of our lives.

—Andrew O. Newton Sr. M.D, M.Sc, DABPN

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